ACE OF ACES By Robert Taylor - Multi Signed


'ACE OF ACES' by Robert Taylor

Published way back in 1988 in the 'Golden era' of Aviation Art 'Ace of Aces' was an immediate hit with collectors and has been ever since. Although Robert has published many prints signed by Erich Hartmann, it is THIS print that collectors really want.

'Ace of Aces' depicts the famous Me109G of the world's highest scoring 'Ace' - Erich Hartmann. Complete with it's distinctive 'tulip-nose' and Hartmann's personal emblem - 'Usch' - his affectionate name for his girlfriend and later wife Ursula Paetsch - his Me109G became a feared sight over the Eastern Front.

Nicknamed 'Bubi' (or Kid) by his comrades in JG52 because of his youthful appearance, Hartmann did not make a very successful start to his career and indeed, in scoring his first victory, managed to write-off his Me109 as well! However, under the watchful eyes of several tutors, including Pauli Rossmann and Walter Krupinski, Hartmann honed his skills and soon began to rack up an impressive score. By wars end Erich Hartmann had flown an incredible 1404 sorties and been credited with 352 victories. He was captured by the Soviets in 1945 who then imprisoned him for 10 years. On his return to Germany Erich Hartmann rejoined the Bundesluftwaffe. He died in 1993.

Robert Taylor's masterpiece shows Hartmann's Me109G leading a 'schwarm' of fellow JG52 Messerschmitts. They have sighted enemy aircraft and Hartmann is about to roll his aircraft into the attack!

This Print is Signed by Artist Robert Taylor and the World's highest scoring ace - Erich Hartmann.

There are also TWO more great Luftwaffe Aces which have signed the Print :-

Erich HARTMANN - Knights Cross, Oak Leaves. Swords & Diamonds - 352 Victories

Gunther RALL - Knights Cross, Oak Leaves & Swords - 275 Victories

Walter SCHUCK - Knights Cross with Oak Leaves - 206 Victories

These three Aces downed 833 aircraft!! A TOTAL ONE-OFF

The Print measures 36 x 24 Inches and is in SUPERB condition. It comes with it's certificate of Authenticity.