American Eagles by Robert Taylor - Victory in Europe Edition

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AMERICAN EAGLES - The Victory in Europe Edition

The 357th Fighter Group was thrown into action soon after arriving in England in 1944. Being the first fighter group to be equipped with P-51 Mustangs, great things were expected of them, and they didn't disappoint: in the final year of the war they achieved a faster rate of air victories that any other group in the 8th Air Force, and the record for the highest number of enemy aircraft shot down in a single mission - in excess of 50 - during a great air battle on 14th January 1945.

The 357th served primarily as fighter escorts for bombers attacking strategic targets in occupied Europe and they played a major part in the 8th Air Force's first attack on Berlin on 6th March 1944. The 357th spawned a raft of Aces, including 'Kit' Carson, 'Bud' Anderson, John England and Robert Foy - all triple aces. Among the Aces of the 357th was also a determined young p[ilot who, in spite of being shot down on his 8th Mission, evaded capture and returned to fly and fight again. He ended the war with 11.5 victories and afterwards became an aviation Legend as the first pilot to fly faster than sound - 'Chuck' Yeager.

Robert's tribute to the 357th FG shows Yeager's P-51D 'Glamorous Glennis III' heading out from Leoston in Suffolk, together with other Mustangs from the 357th over the unmistakable countryside of East Anglia. Soon they will be guarding US heavy bombers en route to Germany to continue the strategic offensive.

The 'Victory in Europe' Edition of 400 Prints is Signed by FIVE Famous 357thFG Aces including Yeager himself:

Brigadier General Charles 'Chuck' YEAGER

Captain William 'Obee' O'BRIEN

Captain Harvey MACE

Major James McLANE

Captain Charles 'Chuck' WEAVER

The Print measures 31 x 24 Inches overall

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