Arctic Encounter by Robert Bailey

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The Arctic Convoy battles of 1942 were among the most hazardous for the allies. Challenged by the intimidating German surface fleet (including the battleship Tirpitz), U-Boats and the ever-present threat from the Luftwaffe, the multi-national Merschantmen relied on the overstretched Royal Navy for protection.

During the winter months the convoys were forced to sail farther South because of Ice packs, while in the Summer months the long hours of daylight exposed the convoys to Luftwaffe attack.

The greatest success achieved by the combined German forces was against the convoy PQ17 - between Luftwaffe attacks and U-boats, the convoy lost 23 out of 34 vessels. Amongst the attackers were the Junkers 88 bombers of III/KG30 led by Oberst Hajo Herrmann and it is this attack the Robert Bailey has depicted in 'Arctic Encounter'.

The Print is Signed by Artist Robert Bailey and FIVE veterans of the Arctic Convoy battles:-

Oberst Hajo HERRMANN - Commander III/KG30

Lt. Commander Frank SALES-JONES RN

Commander C.N. MAWER - RN

Able Seaman John C. COLMAN - RN

Donald W. NEWMAN - RN

The Print measures 32.5 x 23 Inches