ARDENNES OFFENSIVE by Nicolas Trudgian - Triple Remarque Collectors piece



The final German assault in the Ardennes in December 1944 was a desperate last-ditch attempt to swing the war in the West back into Germany's favour. It was launched in appalling weather conditions - deliberately to limit Western Allied Air power's ability to intervene. It became more widely known as 'The Battle of the Bulge' and was the last great battle in the West.

The Germans had amassed their last reserves of armour and fuel - indeed many German Generals believed that the Offensive did not have the fuel reserves necessary to achieve the breakthrough required - to split the Allied Armies and drive through to the Port of Antwerp. As it was, the Germans committed all they could spare - including King Tiger Tanks for some of the SS Units. The Americans believed that the Germans were not in any condition to mount an offensive just before Christmas - they were now to be proved wrong.

The Battle of the Bulge turned into the biggest - and costliest - battle for the US Army in World War Two. Through dogged resistance and the eventual weather improvement (which unleashed Allied air power) the German offensive was finally stopped at a cost of over 80,000 US casualties.

Nick Trudgian's superb release 'Ardennes Offensive' depicts the German forces at the high-water mark of the attack. King Tigers of the 9th SS Panzer Division advance covered by the Fw190 fighters of JG1, while high above an Me262 carries out reconnaisance in front of the German advance. 

This Edition is TOTALLY SOLD OUT at the publisher and Remarqued copies of even rarer.

The Remarque Print Edition is Signed by Artist Nicolas Trudgian and FIVE veterans of the Battle:-

GeneralMajor Heinz Gunther GUDERIAN - Knights Cross - 116th Panzer Division

Oberst Eberhard STEPHEN - Knights Cross - 5th Panzer Army

Oberstleutnant Hans LUTZ - Knights Cross - 116th Panzer Division

Oberstleutnant Helmut BENNEMANN - Knights Cross - JG53

Leutnant Siegfried MULLER - JG3 'Udet' 

This is an amazing TRIPLE REMARQUE by Artist Nicolas Trudgian which pays tribute to both the Panzer and Luftwaffe forces involved. It features a Fw190 of JG1 and a superb DOUBLE Remarque of King Tigers of 'Kampfgruppe Peiper' as they advance along a road with a Schwimmwagen in attendance.

The Print has been superbly Framed with a Luftwaffe Eagle and a Panzer Eagle to create a fantastic Collectors Piece.

The overall Size is an impressive 43 x 23 Inches Framed and comes with the Certificate of Authenticity.

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A stunning one-off for true Trudgian Collectors!!