BISMARCK INTO BATTLE - 7 Signature Survivor Edition by Mark Postlethwaite

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BISMARCK INTO BATTLE - 7 Signature Edition

One of the most famous Battleships of all time - the Bismarck - is still remembered long after she met her fate in the North Atlantic. The pride of the German fleet, she was a modern supremely strong vessel. Her engagement with HMS Hood has gone down in Naval history - the Hood being a much older design. A lucky hit by Bismarck set off the magazine and Hood disappeared in a huge detonation. At once, Bismarck became the hunted and, ironically, it was another 'lucky' hit by a Fairey Swordfish torpedo that jammed her rudder and condemned her to sailing in circles while awaiting the arrival of a British Naval Force. In the one-sided battle that followed, Bismarck was finally sunk with the loss of over 2000 crew. Only 115 men survived.

Mark Postlethwaite pays tribute to the great ship - and also the Fleet Air Arm pilots that attacked her - as he portrays Bismarck leaving Grimstadfjord in Norway escorted by the Me110C's of ZG76 with their famous 'sharkmouth' noses. The time is 1945hrs on 21 May 1941 and Bismarck is setting out on what will be her final, fateful, voyage.

These Prints have been signed by Artist Mark Postlethwaite and an amazing SEVEN veterans including FOUR Bismarck survivors TWO Swordfish Pilots and ONE Luftwaffe pilot:-

Hans HELLWIG - Machinist/fitter maintaining Main armament (Rescued by HMS Dorsetshire)

Herbert JAHN - Engineer on Turbines (Rescued by HMS Dorsetshire)

Fritz MATHES - Sighting Engineer -(rescued by HMS Maori)

Josef STATZ - Technician on ship's Control Room (Rescued by HMS Dorsetshire)

Hans-Joachim JABS - Knights Cross Iak Leaves - Flew the Me110 with ZG76

Lt. Commander John MOFFAT - 818 Sq Fleet Air Arm - Attacked Bismarck flying a Swordfish and is credited with one of the fatal hits

Lt. Commander Sean DIXON-CHILD - 818 Sq Fleet Air Arm - Attacked Bismarck flying a Swordfish

The Print measures 28 x 17 Inches and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

An opportunity to acquire some very rare signatures.