Chennault's Flying Tigers by Robert Taylor

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By early 1941 China found herself at war with a far more modern enemy - Japan - which had blockaded all of it's sea ports. As a consequence, supplies could only be moved along a treacherous, primitive track hacked through the Jungles and mountains - the 'Burma Road'. This was a prime target for the Imperial Japanese Air Forces and the defence of the road by air was now a priority.

US maverick Claire Chennault asked for 'volunteers' to fly in his Group in China - long before the USA was blasted into the war by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. A modest few answered the call for his 'American Volunteer Group' or AVG as was it's official title. They were soon to be known worldwide by another - the 'Flying Tigers'!

Taking on a vastly numerically superior enemy, the AVG were equipped with P-40 Tomahawk fighters - tough and well-armed, they proved a fearsome match for the Japanese bombers and fighters that launched attacks against the Burma Road lifeline. Soon these aircraft were adorned with fierce 'Tiger-mouth' markings that gave them the title for which they would go down in history - 'The Flying Tigers'.

In a six month period the 'Flying Tigers' destroyed some 300 Japanese aircraft and probably damaged another 300....The 'AVG' officially passed into history when they were absorbed into the US Air Force on 4th July 1942.

Robert Taylor's fabulous depiction of the 'Flying Tigers' in combat shows a pair of P-40's from the 2nd Pursuit Squadron 'Panda Bears' engaging Japanese Bombers, one of which has just hit the water of a large lake. Another pair if P-40's are turning to engage the other Bomber just above the treetops of the Burmese Jungle.

The Print is Signed by Artist Robert Taylor and SEVEN veteran 'Flying Tiger' pilots:-

Colonel Tex HILL

Squadron Leader Bob NEALE

Colonel Charles OLDER

Colonel Ed RECTOR

Flight Leader Dick ROSSI

Flight Leader Erik SCHILLING

Colonel Robert SMITH

The Print measures 33 x 25 Inches and comes with the CoA

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