CLEARING SKIES By Robert Taylor 10 Signature Collector's Edition

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The 10 Signature Collector's Edition

It is the last Christmas of the war and one of the coldest anyone could remember with ice, freezing fog and deep banks of drifting snow. For the men of the 'Mighty Eighth' it was a waiting game and when better weather arrived they would be ready to go into action once more. With the Battle of the Bulge still raging, it was vital that the 'heavies' of the US Air Forces play their part in the defeat of the offensive.

In their airfields across East Anglia hundreds of B-17 and B-24 crew awaited clearer skies, none more so than the Fortresses of the 100th Bomb Group - the 'Bloody Hundredth' at Thorpe Abbotts in Norfolk. Having participated in some of the most deadly raids against tragets in the Third Reich, the 100th BG had paid some very high prices but had stoically continued to batter through the deadly Flak and swarming fighters. Now, in the New year of 1945 the end of the war was in sight.

Robert Taylor has painted the scene at Thorpe Abbotts as the skies are finally clearing and there is action around the dispersals as the crews of the 'Flying Fortressess' now get ready for another long Mission into the heart of Germany. Engines are revving and the B-17's will soon be forming up....

This is a 'Collector's Edition' Print which has been Signed by no less than 10 veterans who flew with the 'Bloody Hundredth' during WW2:-

CAPTAIN BOB SHOENS - Pilot - 'Our Gal Sal' - 28 Missions

1st LIEUTENANT JOHN A CLARK - Co-Pilot - 'Lucky Lassie' & 'Miss Conduct' - 32 misions

1st LIEUTENANT JAMES R. RASMUSSEN - Navigator - 'Lassie come home' - 33 missions


MAJOR JOHN H. 'LUCKY' LUCKADOO - Co-Pilot - 25 Missions

STAFF SERGEANT ALBERT J. ARREOLA - Ball Turret Gunner - 'Their Latest Rumour' - 35 missions

STAFF SERGEANT ALBERT M. FREITAS - Radio Operator - 23 Missions

STAFF SERGEANT LEWIS D. PAYNE - Waist Gunner - 14 Missions

STAFF SERGEANT LEWIS E. HERRON - Tail Gunner - 'Heaven Sent' - 33 Missions

STAFF SERGEANT JOE R. URICE - Radio Operator - 23 Missions

The Print measures 35 x 21 Inches and comes with the COA