WARTIME SIGNED PHOTO - 602 squadron BATTLE OF BRITAIN - Signed Hanbury, Boyd & More

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This incredibly RARE item comes from the personal collection of famous Spitfire Ace 'Paddy' Barthropp, who flew with 602 'City of Glasgow' Squadron during the Battle of Britain.

This is a photo of the 602 Squadron Pilots (& crew) taken at Westhampnett Airfield in November 1940. The Photo shows:-

Back Row - Left to Right

Medical Officer W. Michie (Doc Willie), Pilot Officer S.N. Rose (Rosebud), Sgt A. McDowall, Flying Officer F.S. Hart, Flight Lt H. Grazebrrok (Intelligence Officer), Sgt G. Proctor, Flight Lt J.A. Douglas (crackers), Sgt R.F.P. Phillips, Pilot Officer A. Lyall, Sgt G.A. Whipps, Pilot Officer D.H. Gage, Flying Officer P.C.C 'Paddy' Barthropp - holding his dachshund 'Mr Jackson', Mr Taylor (Ack-Ack Officer), Pilot Officer H.G.Niven (Nuts).

Front Row - Left to Right

Flying Officer C.J. 'Mickey' Mount, Flight Lt R.F. Finlay Boyd, Squadron Leader A.V.R 'Sandy' Johnstone, Flight Lt J.D Urie and Flight Lt D.M. Jack - with 'Crash' the German Shepherd completing the lineup!!

The Photo has been SIGNED ON THE REAR by the following Pilots:-

1. Squadron Leader A.V.R 'Sandy' JOHNSTONE

Johnstone joined 602 Squadron on 24th August 1939. On the 16th October 1939 he was involved in the first air action of the UK when he shared in the damaging of two He111's over the Firth of Forth. His next action occured when he shot down a He111 at night in June 1940, and he subsequently damaged a Do17 and Ju88. On 17th July 1940 he took command of 602 Squadron. Johnstone continued to claim enemy aircraft destroyed and damaged until the end of the battle. Johnstone died in 2000.

 2. Flying Officer J.S. HART 

 Canadian John Stewart Hart joined 602 Squadron on 20th September 1940 and on 10th October 1940 shared in the destruction of a Ju88, which he followed by claiming an Me109 on the 29th and on 13th November he shared a Ju88. Hart later served in India. He died in 2019 at the Age of 102 - the last Canadian veteran of the Battle of Britain.

3. Flight Lt Robert Findlay BOYD 

Boyd joined 602 Squadron as an Air Auxilliary in 1935. His first combat was on 30th November 1939, when he engaged an enemy aircraft but it escaped damage. On 7 July 1940 he shared in the destruction of a Ju88 and continued to claim throughout the Battle. By the end Boyd had 8 Victories to his credit (5x Me109E's, 2xJu87 and a Do17Z), 4 shared victories and several damaged. He later served in the far east. Boyd died in 1975.

  4. Osgood Villiers 'Pedro' HANBURY KIA 3rd June 1943

Osgood Villiers Hanbury joined 602 Squadron at Westhampnett on 3rd September 1940 and jumped straight into the fray, damaging Dornier Do17Z's on 7th and 12th September, before shooting down an Me110 on 15th. He continued in the same vein, sharing a Ju88 shortly after before shooting down another on the 30th. Hanbury dmamaged another Ju88 on 5th October and shot down an Me109E on 30th October to complete his Battle of Britain tally. He joined 260 Squadron in May 1941, which was due to go to North Africa and on 14th December 1941 he shot down yet another Ju88, before damaging an Me109. In March 1942 he took command of 260 Squadron and immediately shared in the destruction of an Me109E in April, followed by a 'double' on 25th April - a Ju87 Stuka and an Italian Macchi 202 'Folgore' - he himself having to make a forced landing near Gazala. Hanbury was awarded the DSO in April 1943 and given leave to return to the UK to marry Patricia Harman. Hanbury did this and then boarded a Lockheed Hudson for the first part of his return journey to North Africa. On 3rd June 1943 the Hudson took off for Gibraltar with Hanbury, as well as Wing Commander 'Billy' Burton, who was also a Battle of Britain veteran. However, the Hudson would have to fly over the Bay of Biscay - a hotbed of air combat - as the Luftwaffe were involved in the protecting U-boats for Allied air attack. One such Unit was V/KG40 flying the 'fighter' version of the Ju88C-6 and on 3rd June 1943 Leutnant Heinz Olbrecht from 14./KG40 spotted the Hudson and immediately attacked. It was a totally unequal fight and the Hudson went down into the sea. The German pilot had no way of knowing the loss he had just inflicted as all of the passengers, including Hanbury, were killed. Hanbury was just 26 years old. 

 5. Allen Laird EDY - KIFA 5th December 1941

Another Canadian, Alan Laird Edy served in the Battle of France flying Lysanders with 613 Squadron before joining 602 Squadron on 8th September 1940 at Westhampnett. He claimed a Dornier Do17Z destroyed on 15th September 1940 (Battle of Britain Day) and a Heinkel He111 probably destroyed on the 26th. On 12th December 1940 he was forced to crash-land his damaged Spitfire after combat with Me109's. In January 1941 he briefly joined 315 (Polish) Squadron before moving to the newly formed 457 RAAF Squadron in June 1941. On 5th December 1941 Edy was flying a Spitfire II P7502 when he got into difficulties, possibly an onboard fire. Edy baled out of his stricken aircraft but was too low and his parachute failed to deploy in time. He is buried on the Isle of Man - he was 25 years old.

 6. Ivor 'Koz' COSBY 

Ivor Cosby joined 602 Squadron at Westhampnett on 11th November 1940. He only flew with the Squadron for a short while before moving to 141 Squadron to fly night fighter sorties with the Boulton-Paul Defiant and later the Beaufighter and Mosquito. Cosby died in 1994.

 7. Gerald FISHER 

Gerald Fisher joined 602 Squadron at Westhampnett on 8th September 1940, claiming an Me109E probable on the 26th. He followed this by sharing a Ju88 and on 29th October shot down an Me109E. Fisher later flew with 610 and 91 Squadrons. He died in 1974.

 8. Pilot Officer Hugh GAGE - KIA 16 June 1941

Douglas Hugh Gage joined 602 Squadron at Westhampnett on 21st September 1940 having already flown with 616 Squadron. On 27th September 1940 Gage was 'bounced' by an enemy Me109E and hit in the glycol tank, which resulted in a forced-landing. On 30th October Gage's Spitfire was, once again, damaged by Me109E's and required another forced-landing. He moved to 91 Squadron where he was involved in the RAF's 'Non-Stop' Offensive with sweeps across the Channel. On 16th June 1941, after 'Circus 13' had raided Boulogne, both sides had sent out ASR aircraft to search for downed pilots. Gage, flying a Spitfire Vb W3126, was flying as escort for a Lysander when he appears to have been engaged by Me109E-7's from JG26. Gage failed to return from this mission and probably fell victim to one of the Messerschmitts. He was 23 years old.

9. Flying Officer C.J. 'Mickey' MOUNT

Mount joined 602 Squadron in August 1940 at the height of the Battle of Britain and scored several kills during the duration of the Battle. He later served in North Africa and reached the Rank of Air Commodore. Mount Died in 2003.

10. Mr Stafford TAYLOR (Ack-Ack)

Unfortunately I have been unable to discover any further details of this veteran.

 11. Pilot Officer H.G. NIVEN

Canadian Hugh Glen Niven first joined 602 Squadron in May 1939. After completing Fighter Training, he was earmarked for Hurricanes but, after complaining, he re-joined 602 Squadron on 21st September 1940 to fly Spitfires. On 29th October 1940 Niven's Spitfire was shot up by enemy Me109E's but he made it home. He served with 602 Squadron until September 1941 when he contracted tuberculosis, which resulted in him spending many years in Hospital. Niven died in 2008. 


I have been unable to discover who this is?

This Photo was in the private collection of veteran 'Paddy' Barthropp and is absolutely UNIQUE!

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