SEA WOLVES - Nicolas Trudgian - WolfPack Double Remarque SOLD


SEA WOLVES - 'Wolfpack' Double Remarque Edition

One of Nick's 'Knights Cross Collection' releases, 'Sea Wolves' is the very first time he has depicted the feared German U-boat arm.

Captain Erich Topp steers his Type VIIc U-Boat U-522 'Red Devil' towards the sanctuary of the base at St. Nazaire after another patrol during the gruelling Battle of the Atlantic in 1942. In the skies above, heading back out to hostile waters, is a giant four-engined Focke Wulf 200 Condor from III/KG40 and three Ju88D's from KGr 106 whose missions will be to search for vulnerable Allied Convoys for the submarine 'Wolf Packs' to attack.

Winston Churchill called the Condor the "scourge of the Atlantic", recognising the essential role it played in the German campaign to cut Britain's convoy supply lines. With the sinking of more than 3,500 merchant ships and 175 warships the Germans nearly succeeded, but improved Allied techniques in finding and destroying U-Boats led to a war of attrition resulting in the loss of no fewer than 783 U-Boats and 28,000 German sailors. Captain Topp was fortunate to survive and become the third highest scoring U-Boat ace. Whilst commanding the 'Red Devil' he sank a total of thirty ships and damaged three more.


The Edition is signed by the Artist and the following Six U-Boat crew and Four Luftwaffe Bomber Pilots - all Knights Cross holders:

FregattenKapitan Erich TOPP - Knights Cross with Oakleaves & Swords - U-522

KovettenKapitan Helmut WITTE - Knights Cross - U-159

Kapitanleutnant Gerhard BIELIG - Knights Cross - U-177

Kapitanleutnant Horst Von SCHROETER - Knights Cross - U-123

Kapitainleutanant Alfred EICK - Knights Cross - U-510

Korvettenkapitan Jurgen OESTEN - Knights Cross - U-61 & U-106

Oberst Hajo HERRMANN - Knights Cross with Oakleaves & Swords - KG30

 Major Kurt DAHLMANN - Knights Cross with Oakleaves - KG30

Heinrich SUDEL - Knights Cross - KG55

Erich TAEGER - Knights Cross

This Remarque Edition is totally 'SOLD OUT'

The Print has been Double Remarqued by Artist Nicolas Trudgian and has been Triple-mounted and conservation Framed by 'Aces High' to include a Museum Quality replica of the Kriegsmarine Eagle and conservation Glass.

A RARE opportunity to acquire a Remarque of this Edition.

*Customers are advised to contact me to discuss Packing & Shipping Costs as these are likely to be extremely expensive due to the weight of the piece* For UK based customers, I may be able to offer a drop-off service.