The Cold Front - Very RARE Remarque Edition

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THE COLD FRONT - Triple Remarque

The bitter Winter of 1943/44 was matched by some of the toughest fighting in the ground war. Between the Carpathian mountains and Dneiper river, elements of the 1st SS Panzer Division 'Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler' reinforced their fearsome reputation amidst a landscape gripped by ice and biting winds.

In 'The Cold Front', Panthers of SS. Pz Regt 1 move forward to new positions from where they can seek out Soviet Armour, passing by a stationary Tiger of the 13th Heavy Company LAH, whose commander scrutinises the unfamiliar and treacherous valley ahead. Lit by a fleeting shaft of sunlight, Fw190A's of Hptm Erich Rudorffer's II/JG54 roar overhead, hunting for Soviet ground attack aircraft that would threaten this Panzer spearhead. Sadly, despite the caution of its commander, Tiger 'S44' would be one of the many tanks lost by both sides before the winter thaw set in.

This is a VERY RARE Triple Remarque with Extra Signatures. This is 1 of only 10 remarques for this Edition.

The 'Waffen SS Remarque Edition'Limited to just 10 Signed and Numbered Prints worldwide - it is signed by the following veterans:

SS HAUPTSTURMFUHRER WALTER GIRG - Knights Cross with Oak Leaves & Swords

SS BRIGADEFUHRER OTTO KUMM - Knights Cross with Oak Leaves

SS Obersturbannfuhrer Fritz DARGES - Knights Cross

SS Unterscharffuhrer Gerhard FISCHER - Knights Cross

SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Karl-Heinz LICHTE - Knights Cross

SS Oberscharffuhrer Richard RUDOLF - Knights Cross

Leutnant Georg BOSE - Knights Cross

Major Erich RUDORFFER - JG54 - Knights Cross with Oak Leaves & Swords

Major Hans-Ekkehard BOB - JG54 - Knights Cross

Leutnant Hugo BROCH - JG54 - Knights Cross

Major Gunther RALL - JG52 - Knights Cross, Oak Leaves & Swords

Oberleutnant Walter SCHUCK - JG5 - Knights Cross Oak Leaves

Oberst Hajo HERRMANN - KG30 - Knights Cross, Oak Leaves & Swords

THIS 'WAFFEN SS REMARQUE EDITION' is long SOLD OUT at the publisher and this is a rare opportunity to acquire one of these prestigious Remarques.

The Print comes with it's Certificate Of Authenticity and the Sales Brochure.

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