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The Me262 jet fighter heralded a new age in Military aviation when it was introduced to combat by the Luftwaffe. Much was expected but, delays in production, interference from officials and a host of other issues ensured that the jets only began to arrive at fighter units in any numbers towards the end of 1944. By this time the Allies had total Air supremacy over Germany.

Despite the dreadful odds - and the extremely dangerous circumstances that the pilots found themselves facing, the Me262 attracted some of the very best pilots to it's Squadrons. JG7 was the premier '262' Unit of the war and as such numbered amongst its pilots Aces such as Erich Rudorffer, Theo Weissenberger and Walter Schuck.

Schuck had flown with JG5 up in the Artic sea region of the Eastern Front and came to the Unit with 198 Victories already to his credit. He would score more with the Me262.

Robert Bailey has depicted the scene as Me262's of JG7 have returned to their airfield - Brandenburg-Briest - and found it under attack by P-47 and P-51 fighters of the US 8th Air Force, which became commonplace as Allied fighters knew the jets were vulnerable during take-offs and landings. Schuck powers up and decides not to attempt a landing at this time. A pair of Me109's have made a desperate head-on attack in an attempt to break up the American attack.

The Prints have been Signed by Artist Robert Bailey and Me262 Ace Walter Schuck.

OBERLEUTNANT WALTER SCHUCK - JG7 - Knights Cross with Oak Leaves

The Print measures 31 x 20 Inches and comes with the CoA