Dawn Operations by Robert Taylor - Multi-Signed

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DAWN OPERATIONS by Robert Taylor

One of the rarest subjects in Aviation Art are releases featuring Japanese aircraft as the main subjects and with Japanese veterans signatures. 'Dawn Operations' is one of those very rare releases as Robert Taylor chooses to portray some very special aircraft.

Off the tip of Bougainville in October 1942 in the Island of Shortland a Mitsubishi F1M2 'Pete' Float plane is readied for the first flight of the day. Overhead roar a pair of lethal Mitsubishi A6M3 Zero fighters, protecting the Japanese naval force seen in the distance. The 'Zero' or Zeke was the most outstanding naval fighter of the first half of WW2 and it's pilots were the very best trained of all Japan's air forces.

This Historic Print was Signed by Robert Taylor and THREE Japanese Naval Air Force veterans. This absolutely unique copy has also been signed by no less than TWELVE US Pilots!

Second Sub-Lieutenant Sadaaki OHNISHI - Flew the F1M2 'Pete'

Sergeant Major Toyomi TOYOSHIMA - Tainan Wing - A6M3 Zero

Pilot 1st Class Keiyu TAKAKUWA - 203rd Kukotai - A6M5 Zero

Commander Dean Samuel 'Diz' LAIRD - VF4 - 5.75 Victories - F3F Wildcat and F6F Hellcat

Lt. Commander Joe Draper ROBBINS - VF6/VF85 - 5 Victories - F6F Hellcat/F4U Corsair

Commander Hamilton 'Mac' McWHORTER - VF9/VF12 - 12 Victories - F6F Hellcat & first Hellcat 'Ace' of the war!

Captain Stanley 'Swede' VEJTASA - VS5/VF10 - 11 Victories - SBD Dauntless/F4F Wildcat - ONLY pilot awarded the Navy Cross for Dive Bombing AND aerial combat!

Lt. Commander James 'Schultz' DUFFY - VF15 - 5 Victories - F6F Hellcat

Commander John Theodore CROSBY -VF17 - 5.25 Victories - F6F Hellcat

Commander Willis 'Bill' HARDY - VF17 - 6.5 Victories - F6F Hellcat - has signed twice!

Commander Richard 'Dick' MAY - VF32 - 5 Victories - F6F Hellcat

Lt. Colonel Arthur Roger 'Rog' CONANT - VMF215 USMC - 6 Victories - F4U Corsair

Captain Nial Kenneth CASTLE - 49thFG - 5 Victories - P-38 Lightning

Captain James 'Jim' MOOREHEAD - 49thFG - 8 Victories - P-38 Lightning

Colonel Jack WALKER - 82nd FG - 4 Victories - P-38 Lightning

The Print measures 26.5 x 20 Inches and comes with the CoA