DIE GRUNHERZ-JAGER - A PHOTOGRAPHIC HISTORY OF JG54 By Werner Held Hannes Trautloft Hans Ekkehard Bob

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DIE GRUNHERZ-JAGER - BILDCHRONIK DES JG54 by Werner Held Hannes Trautloft and Hans Ekkehard Bob.

This Book tells the story of one of the Luftwaffe's most famous and accomplished Fighter Units - JG54. Known as the 'Grunhertz' or 'Green Hearts' Geschwader, JG54 fought throughout the Second World War and counted many Top Aces amongst it's members. Led by determined and skilled leaders such as Hannes Trautloft and Dieter Hrabak, JG54 became an 'elite' Unit - Walter Nowotny, Otto Kittel and Erich Rudorffer all flew with the 'Green Hearts'

This photographic history takes the reader from the Unit's early beginnings right through to the final battles in the East where new young pilots - such as Hugo Broch - were winning their spurs.

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Bob flew with JG54 during the Battle of Britain and later in the war over Russia. He ended the war as part of Galland's 'JV44' flying the Me262 jet.