Duel Of Eagles By Robert Taylor

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One of Robert Taylor's most iconic early releases, 'Duel Of Eagles' features the Spitfire Va of Douglas Bader and the Me109F of Adolf Galland duelling over northern France in 1941.

This Print was released in 1980 - at the very dawn of aviation art collecting. The Print is on very slick paper and is different to the usual paper used on Military Galley releases of the time.

The print has been signed in INK by both the featured pilots - two of the most influential fighter leaders of the conflict:-

Group Captain Douglas BADER

Generaleutnant Adolf GALLAND

These prints are VERY difficult to obtain in great condition - most were displayed with the subsequent fading of both the image - and signatures.

This is an original 'First Issue' Print in absolutely amazing condition - it is unfaded with bright colours and the two Ink signatures are still bold. The print has a tiny crease on the edge of the white border but this is minor (see Photo).

This is a VERY RARE Opportunity to acquire a fantastic condition copy of this early piece!