EAGLES HIGH By Robert Taylor

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EAGLES HIGH by Robert Taylor.

Ever since it's release 30 years ago, 'Egales High' has been a favourite with collectors. It features the two most famous protagonists from the Battle of Britain - the Supermarine Spitfire and the Messerschmitt Bf109. These two aircraft were the very top fighters in terms of performance in 1940 and were very evenly matched. They continued to contest air supremacy throughout the Second World War and were produced in many different versions and serving on every front - the Me109 in Africa, Russia - the Spitfire in the Far East and Australia.

Robert Taylor depicts the two famous fighters in their most famous arena - the Battle of Britain. Two Spitfire 1a's from 610 Squadron are in combat with a pair of Me109E's from another famous Unit - JG26. At this stage, the combat could go either way.

The Prints are signed by SIX Battle of Britain Aces - three RAF and 3 Luftwaffe:-

Air Vice-Marshal Johnnie JOHNSON

Air Commodore Pete BROTHERS

Wing Commander Geoffrey PAGE

Generalleutnant Adolf GALLAND

Generalleutnant Gunther RALL

General Johannes 'Macky' STEINHOFF

The Print measures 33 x 24 Inches and is in excellent unframed condition. The Print comes with it's original Certificate of Authenticity.

This is now a rare print on the Secondary Market.