ERNST BARKMANN Knights Cross - 2nd SS Panzer Division 'Das Reich'

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Barkmann is one of the most famous Panzer Aces of WW2. He served initially with the 2nd Panzer Regiment, 2nd SS Panzer Division 'Das Reich' serving in a Panzer III with the 50mm. He fought during the Third Battle of Kharkov.

Barkmann re-equipped with the far more potent Panther mid-way through 1943 and, when 'Das Reich' went to contest the Normandy Invasion the following year, Barkmann's company fought a running series of engagements against US Forces. Barkmann used his Panther to hold up the US Forces, despite being damaged and wounded. He was awarded the Knights Cross for his actions in what became known as 'Barkmann's Corner'.

Barkmann later fought in the Ardennes Offensive, including a night action against elements on the US 2nd Armored Division. He finished the war in the East.

After the war he changed his name to "Schmuck-Barkmann" and lived in Kisdorf until his death in 2009.

This is a superb Signed Photo showing Barkmann early in his career with his Panzer III and comrades in the 2nd Company.