First of Many by Robert Taylor

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FIRST OF MANY By Robert Taylor

One of Robert's most iconic early releases that is now very rare to find in good condition - 'First Of Many' features the Hurricane of the great Douglas Bader as it climbs through the murky overcast on 11th July 1940. 

Earlier he had been informed that an enemy machine was approaching the Norfolk coast near Cromer and, despite appalling weather conditions, Bader took off alone in an attempt to engage the Luftwaffe aircraft. Emerging from the murk he spotted a Dornier 17 and swung around to bring his guns to bear. Bader managed to fire several bursts at the fleeing Do17 before it disappeared. Only upon landing was he informed that the enemy machine had been observed to crash into the ocean.

It was the first victory for 242 Squadron - the first of many. 

This example is a copy of one of the first Limited Editions signed by Robert Taylor and:-

Group Captain Douglas BADER

The Print is in Superb condition for it's age - unframed and unfaded.

A rare opportunity to acquire an early Robert Taylor classic!