Front Line Hurricanes by Robert Taylor

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Robert Taylor's commemorative edition paying tribute to the part played by the Hawker Hurricane in the Battle for France in May 1940. When the 'Blitzkrieg' was unleased across France and Belgium RAF Hurricane Squadrons became involved in some of the most sustained aerial fighting of the entire war. The Luftwaffe fielded around 1300 fighters and bombers, so the Hurricane squadrons were obliged to fight to fight superior numbers whilst defending the BEF on the ground.

The Squadrons were equipped with the early Hurricane 1 equipped with two-bladed propeller and flew from basic grass strips - hopping from location to location as the Germans advanced. The Hurricanes acquitted themselves well and a number of future RAF 'Aces' cut their teeth while flying in France - 'Ginger' Lacey, Dennis David and Pete Brothers to name a few.

Robert shows the Hurricanes of 87 Squadron as they taxi in from yet another sortie against the advancing Germans, who are pushing heavily towards Dunkirk. 

The Prints are signed by Artist Robert Taylor and SIX Famous Hurricane pilots from the Battle of France:-

Wing Commander Roland BEAMONT - 87 Squadron 

Air Commodore Peter BROTHERS - 32 Squadron

Group Captain Frank CAREY - 3 Squadron

Group Captain Dennis DAVID - 87 Squadron

Squadron Leader John GIBSON - 501 Squadron

Squadron Leader Kenneth LEE - 501 Squadron

The Print measures 33 x 23.5 Inches and comes with the CoA.


'Blenheim' and 'Gladiator' - both measure 18 x 13.5 and are signed by Artist Robert Taylor

A terrific Portfolio commemorating a rarely painted part of World War Two.