Hartmann Me109G Original Drawing by Nicolas Trudgian SOLD

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HARTMANN'S ME109G - Original Drawing by Nicolas Trudgian

Nicolas Trudgian has produced a portrait of Erich Hartmann's most famous aircraft - his 'Black Tulip-nosed' Me109G. Called the 'Black Devil' by his Soviet opponents, Hartmann eventually had to paint out the 'tulip' feature as it identified him to the enemy!

This Drawing has been signed by the following famous Aces who fought on the Russian Front!

Gunther RALL - JG52

Walter WOLFRUM - JG52

Walter SCHUCK - JG5

Hajo HERMANN - JG300

Hugo BROCH - JG54


Manfred LEISEBEIN - JG52

The Drawing is framed with the Original Signature of:


Drawing size is 11x6 Inches and the Entire Framed piece measures 23x19 Inches

A very Nice piece for Luftwaffe collectors!