Heaven Can Wait by Nicolas Trudgian

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This is Nicolas Trudgian's tribute to a famous US Bomber Unit - the 100th Bomb Group - The 'Bloody' Hundredth.

On September 11 1944 all four squadrons of the 100th Bomb Group headed for the oil refineries at Ruhland but en-route they encountered ferocious air attacks by the Luftwaffe fighters of JG4 that resulted in heavy losses for the Group. Among the surviving aircraft returning to Thorpe Abbotts that day were scores of injured crews and damaged B-17's. The Group had been decimated - not one B-17 from the 350th Squadron made it home. The next day the 100th went out again - to bomb the oil refineries at Magdeburg.

Nick Trudgian shows the B-17 Heaven Can Wait on final approach to Thorpe Abbotts on that fateful September day in 1944, skillfully piloted by Harry Hempy, the seriously damaged B-17G had struggled back 500 miles on just two engines. Below in the fields an agricultural tractor engine ploughs the wheat stubble in preparation for next years crop. A wonderful panorama of both the English countryside at war and the superb courage of the aircrews.

The Print is Signed by Artist Nicolas Trudgian and FOUR veterans of the 100th BG:-

Captain Harry M. HEMPY - Captain & Pilot of 'Heaven Can Wait' - 100th BG

Lt. Colonel Henry 'Hank' CERVANTES - Pilot of E-Z goin' - 100th BG

Staff Sergeant Joseph 'Joe' KEENAN - Ball Turret Gunner 'Andy's Dandy' - 100th BG

Technical Sergeant James MACK - Pilot - 100th BG

The print measures 30.5 x 24 Inches and comes with the CoA.