Heia Safari - The Afrikakorps


HEIA SAFARI - The Afrikakorps

No 5 Knights Cross Collection

During a concerted effort to prevent the advance of British and American forces in North Africa, elements of the 10th Panzer Division Army Group 'Afrika' counter-attack through a rock-strewn, sunparched valley in Northern Tunisia in spring 1943. Overhead, air support is provided by the Ju87D's of St.G 3 and the formidable Fw190A fighters of II./JG2 - units that had been drafted in from Europe as specialists in ground attack and dogfighting.

The Panzer III and IV tanks portrayed in the picture, though smalol compared with later German Tanks, were the workhorses of the German Panzer Divisions and in Africa played a vital role in the cut-and-thrust armoured battles of 1941 and 1942. The 75mm long barrelled Panzer IV, called 'Special' by the Allies, was particularly feared as it was capable of destroying any Allied tank at range.

Although ultimately defeated, the exploits of the Afrika Korps in the desert, especially under the command of Field Marshall Rommel, earned widespread respect and taught valuable lessons to the Allies for subsequent combat in mainland Europe.

The Main 'Panzer Edition' carries the signatures of 14 Knights Cross holders and is limited to only 85 Prints worldwide:-

Willi BACHOR - Knights Cross

Otto CARIUS - Knights Cross with Oak leaves

Gerhard FISCHER - Knights Cross

Heinz-Gunther GUDERIAN -Knights Cross

Gunther HALM - Knights Cross

Hajo HERRMANN - Knights Cross with Oak leaves and Swords

Albert KERSCHER - Knights Cross with Oak Leaves

Franz KIESLICH - Knights Cross with Oak Leaves

Hans KROHN - Knights Cross

Norbert KUJACINSKI - Knights Cross

Wilhelm NOLLER - Knights Cross

Erich RUDORFFER - Knights Cross with Oak Leaves & Swords

Otto SCHULTZ - Knights Cross

Gunther SEEGER - Knights Cross

There was an extremely limited REMARQUE Edition of only 10 Worldwide

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