Herbert IHLEFELD - Wartime Signed Hoffmann Card


OBERST HERBERT IHLEFELD - Knights Cross with Oak Leaves & Swords

Wartime Signed Hoffmann Card

Ihlefeld served in the Spanish Civil War and later throughout World war 2. In Spain he flew the early version Bf109 with Jgdgruppe 88 scoring several victories.

He flew with LG2 during the Polish and French campaigns, and later the Battle of Britain. Promoted, he moved to JG77 where he flew in the Balkan campaign and thence to the Russian Front.

In June 1942 he was promoted to command the famous JG52 in Russia and later led JG11 and JG1 in the West. Ihlefeld flew the He162 jet at the very end of the war.

He is credited with 130 Victories.

This is a very nice Wartime Signed Hoffmann Card - there is some glue residue on the rear where it appears to have been stuck in an album.