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HOLDING THE LINE By Nicolas Trudgian Multi-Signed Remarque Framed


HOLDING THE LINE by Nicolas Trudgian

Special Framed Remarque Multi-signed piece

The 18th August 1940 was one of the most hectic and brutal days of the entire Battle of Britain. Termed 'the hardest day' by some historians, the Luftwaffe and RAF fought each other from morning until dusk - the final reckoning of losses bearing witness to the ferocity of the combat - the Luftwaffe lost 69 aircraft, the RAF 68.

Nicolas Trudgian depicts one of the first actions that day, when Dornier Do17Z's of KG76 made a daring low-level raid aganist Kenley airfield. Coming in over the Channel at wave-top height, they climbed to clear the cliffs and attacked their target at extreme low-level. It was fortunate that 111 Squadron had been ordered onto the air and were now diving on the attacking Dorniers - the result was a chaotic engagement as hangers went up in flames and some of the Do-17's were hit - one actually crashing onto the airfield. The Hurricane pilots chased the attackerrs all the way back to - and out over - the Channel. Only one of the Dornier bombers of the 9 that set out actually regained it's base!

This is a Special Remarqued copy with extra Signatures that is framed with an original RAF Cap badge.

This Print has been Signed by Artist Nicolas Trudgian and NINETEEN RAF Battle of Britain aircrew:-

Air Commodore John ELLACOMBE - 151 Squadron (Hurricane)

Group Captain Alec INGLE - 615 Squadron (Hurricane)

Group Captain John PEEL - 145 Squadron (Hurricane)

Group Captain Tom DALTON-MORGAN - 43 Squadron (Hurricane)

Wing Commander John FREEBORN - 74 Squadron (Spitfire)

Flying Officer Desmond FOPP - 17 Squadron (Hurricane)

Wing Commander Kenneth LEE - 501 Squadron (Hurricane)

Flight Lt. Nigel KEMP - 85 Squadron (Hurricane)

Squadron Leader Keith LAWRENCE - 603 Squadron (Spitfire)

Wing Commander Terrance KANE - 234 Squadron (Spitfire)

Flight Lt. Raymond SELLERS - 111 Squadron (Hurricane)

Flying Officer Mike CROSSKELL - 213 Squadron (Hurricane)

Wing Commander Paul WEBB - 602 Squadron (Spitfire)

Wing Commander Gordin SINCLAIR - 19 Squadron (Spitfire)

Squadron Leader Basil STAPLETON - 603 Squadron (Spitfire)

Group Captain Billy DRAKE - 421 Flight (Hurricane)

Pilot Officer Keith ALDRIDGE - 501 Squadron (Hurricane)

Sergeant Terry CLARK - 219 Squadron (Blenheim)

Wing Commander Eric BARWELL - 264 Squadron (Defiant)

The Piece measures an impressive 38 x 30 Inches

A Total one-off.

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