HORRIDO! By Robert Taylor



"From the Battle of Britain onwards, the Luftwaffe became increasingly over-extended as theatres of operations grew and new fronts were opened, often covering vast areas of territory as in the Desert and Russia. Spread over so many fronts, so much was asked of its pilots....." Adolf Galland.

The Luftwaffe fought on every front and in some of the worst conditions of WW2. By 1943 it was already outnumbered and having to combat increasing raids on Germany from the Western Allies. In the East, a rejuvenated Soviet Air Force was throwing massive numbers of bombers and fighters at an already over-stretched Luftwaffe. Despite this, the German fighter pilots fought on in their Me109's and Fw190's. Some even managed to fly in combat with the Me262 jet. 

Published as a tribute to the Aces and pilots of the Luftwaffe back in 2007, 'Horrido!' was an immediate success with collectors. Robert has chosen to depict the Luftwaffe's premier fighter - the Me109E - in it's most famous setting - the 'Battle of Britain'. Hauptmann Wolfgang Ewald leads pilots of I/JG52 into combat in September 1940 through a towering cumulus scene. Soon they will engage RAF fighters and the call 'Horrido!' will be heard once more - the Luftwaffe equivalent of 'Tally Ho!'

The Prints have been signed by no less than 10 Luftwaffe Aces, who have an astounding 1225 victories between them!

Oberst Gunther RALL - Knights Cross, OL, Swords - JG52 - 275 Victories

Major Erich RUDORFFER - Knights Cross, IL, Swords - JG2/JG54/JG7 - 222 Victories

Oberleutnant Walter SCHUCK - Knights Cross with OL - JG5/JG7 - 206 Victories

Oberleutnant Walter WOLFRUM - Knights Cross - JG52 - 137 Victories

Major Hans-Ekkehard BOB - Knights Cross - JG54/JG51/JV44 - 60 Victories

Oberleutnant Gunther SEEGER - Knights Cross - JG2/JG53 - 56 Victories

Leutnant Hermann SCHLEINHEGE - Knights Cross - JG3/JG54 - 98 Victories

Leutnant Hugo BROCH - Knights Cross - JG54 - 81 Victories

Leutnant Norbert HANNIG - JG54/JG7 - 42 Victories

Feldwebel Herbert KOLLER - JG54 - 48 Victories

The Print measures 30.5 x 27 Inches and is in Excellent Condition and comes with its CoA.

This is now a rare Secondary Market Print.