Hot Pursuit by Nicolas Trudgian - Multi-signed SOLD

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HOT PURSUIT Multi-Signed

The battles in the skies over Germany during 1944 and 1945 were the largest aerial encounters ever seen and involved literally thousands of pilots and aircrew every single day. The Mighty Eighth would regularly send over 1000 four engined heavy bombers to targets within the Reich and beyond. The Luftwaffe, already worn down by the constant Allied air offensive, would respond with hundreds of Me109s and Fw190s in the vain hope of stopping the destruction of their country. It was the job of the US escorts to ensure that the Bomb Wings of B-17s and B-24's got through to their targets and the fighter most suited to the task was the legendary P-51 Mustang. Flown with aplomb by many US Fighter Groups, the Mustangs of the 357th FG were always in the forefront of the action and it is Major 'Kit' Carson's "Nooky Booky IV" that Nick has chosen to depict in action against Me109G's hell bent on attacking the Fortresses. A wonderful snapshot of an historic period in aviation.

This was Nick Trudgian's first Limited Edition Print for the Military Gallery, which was released in October 1991. For collectors of Nick's work this print is hard to come by, the publishers having Sold Out long ago! The Print edition was originally signed by Two US Aces and Two Luftwaffe Aces.

This is a rare opportunity to acquire a Special Multi signed copy of 'Hot Pursuit' - with a total of 17 Signatures - details of which are given below:

The Signatures

Major Leonard 'Kit' CARSON - 357th FG - P-51D

Major Richard 'Bud' PETERSON - 357th FG - P-51D

Major Erich RUDORFFER - JG2/JG54/JG7 - Fw190 & Me262

Hauptmann Ernst-Wilhelm REINERT - JG27/JG7 - Me109G & Me262

Brigadier General Robin OLDS - 479th FG - P-38 & P-51D

Oberst Hajo HERMANN - JG300 - Me109G

Oberleutnant Walter SCHUCK - JG5 & JG7 - Me109G & Me262

Colonel Clarence 'Bud' ANDERSON - 357th FG - P-51D

Major Wolfgang SPATE - JG54/JG400/JG7 - Fw190/ Me163/ Me262

Lt Colonel Edwin 'Ed' HELLER - 352nd FG - P-51B and D

Major Diethelm Von EICHEL-STREIBER - JG26/JG27/JV44 - Fw190/Me109G/ Me262

 Oberleutnant Ernst SCHEUFELE - JG5 - Fw190

Major William ALLEN - 55th FG - P-51D

Oberleutnant Walter WOLFRUM - JG52 - Me109G

Major Hans-Ekkehard BOB - JG54/JG51/JV44 - Me109/Fw190/Me262

Unteroffizier Gunther KOLB - JG5 - Fw190

Leutnant Alfred AMBS - JG7 - 'Ace' with the Me262


The Print measures 32 x 24 Inches and comes with the CoA

A great opportunity to acquire a Multi-signed version of Nick's first Limited Edition Print release.