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HUNGARIAN RHAPSODY - Erich Hartmann - Original pencil Drawing by Nicolas Trudgian. **SOLD**

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By the closing Months of 1944 the Soviet 'Steamroller' had pushed Axis Forces back into Hungary, where fierce fighting had taken place. Hungary had sided with the Germans against the Soviets but were now fighting for their own Country. As the Red Army advanced both Luftwaffe and Hungarian Air Forces fought side-by-side in a hopeless attempt to stem the Soviet Tide.

Among the Luftwaffe Units were some of the very best - SG2 'Immelmann' led by the extraordinary Hans-Ulrich Rudel - flew ground attack sorties against the hordes of Soviet tanks and JG52, which numbered among it's many 'experten' one Erich Hartmann. 

Hartmann flew his distinctive Me109G over Hungary, complete with 'Tulip Nose' marking and on several occasions flew joint sorties with Pilots of the Hungarian 102FG, which also flew Me109G's with Hungarian markings. The two Units shared the same airfield at Budaors as they tried to stem Soviet forces adavncing towards Budapest.

In Nicolas Trudgian's superb Pencil Drawing Hauptmann Erich Hartmann StaKa of 4./JG52 flies with the Hungarian 'Ace' Captain Laszlo Pottyondy of 102FG as they race back to their airfield at Budaors in November 1944. Below lies a frozen river and Hungarian village, complete with a crash-landed IL-2 Stormovich. Erich Hartmann will ultimately become the world's highest scoring fighter ace with 352 Kills.

The Drawing is on A3 Paper.

A Fantastic Drawing by the world's foremost Aviation Pencil Artist!!

*** SOLD ***