Hunting Owls by Mark Postlethwaite He219A


'HUNTING OWLS' By Mark Postlethwaite

The Heinkel He219 was the German Night Fighter Forces' 'what might have been'. Designed specifically as a nightfighter by Ernst Heinkel, it was not looked upon favourably by the Nazi heirarchy, especially Erhard Milch. Despite this, the He219A had a top speed of over 400mph, a massive array of firepower and the world's first operational 'Ejector Seat' system for the crew.

Only 268 examples were ever built by the He219A 'Uhu' or 'Eagle Owl' was well respected by RAF veterans and was the only Luftwaffe aircraft capable of catching the superlative Mosquito.

The main user of the 'Owl' was the Luftwaffe's premier Nightfighter Wing - NJG1 - and it is a hunting pair of Owls from this Unit over Holland that Mark portrays in his wonderful piece 'Hunting Owls'.

The Print has been Signed by Artist Mark Postlethwaite and the 'Father' of the German Nightfighter Force:-


The Print measures 17 x 13 Inches and comes with it's Certificate of Authenticity.

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