Into The Cloak of Darkness by Nicolas Trudgian TRIPLE REMARQUE

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INTO THE CLOAK OF DARKNESS by Nicolas Trudgian - Triple Remarque

The long battle between Bomber Command and the Luftwaffe night fighter force lasted for six long years and was one of the most technologically advanced aspects of the aerial war. In the beginning, Bomber Command had not envisaged a campaign by night and, equally, the Luftwaffe had not anticipated having to intercept enemy bombers by night. Neither force was, therefore, initially equipped to fight a nocturnal aerial war.

However, as the war progressed Bomber Command's aircraft improved - the Halifax and Lancaster replacing less effective types. The Luftwaffe also upgraded it's fighters - the old Me110 and Ju88 were now pressed into nocturnal interceptor roles and both were highly effective. In 1943 these two types were joined by a new fighter, one specifically designed for the role - the Heinkel He219. Nicknamed the 'Uhu' or 'Eagle Owl', this was a formidable, if unconventional, fighter. Possessed of a tricycle undercarriage and a large plexiglass cockpit canopy, the He219A could reach 400mph and had a battery of six cannon. Because of the proximity of the crew compartment to the propeller blades -Luftwaffe aircrew had pointed out to Professor Heinkel that 'baling out' would be 'dangerous'! - the He219 was the first combat aircraft fitted with ejector seats.

Nicolas Trudgian's 'Onto The Cloak of Darkness' depicts the scene on the evening of the 2nd November 1944 as nightfighters from NJG1 are scrambled to intercept a Bomber Command raid on Dusseldorf. In a wonderfully painted scene an Me110G-4 and a He219A are climbing above a snow-covered Ruhr valley. On this evening the night fighters will shoot down 19 RAF Bombers.

This is a VERY RARE TRIPLE REMARQUE Edition with extra Signatures.

The Print has been Signed by Artist Nicolas Trudgian and:-

Major Gunther BAHR - Knights Cross - NJG4/NJG6 - 37 Victories

Leutnant Otto FRIES - NJG1 - 18 Victories - Flew both the He219 and Me110G

Oberfeldwebel Alfred STAFFA - NJG1 - Bordfunker to Fries flew in the He219.

Hauptmann Peter SPODEN - NJG5/NJG6 - 24 Victories

Oberst Hajo HERRMANN - Knights Cross, OL & Swords - JG300 'Wilde Sau' - 9 Victories

Leutnant Karl-Ludwig JOHANSEN - Knights Cross - NJG6 - Bordfunker to Ace Martin 'Tino' Becker

The Print measures 34.5 x 23.5 Inches and comes with the CoA

Otto Fries has actually signed the Print TWICE as he also signed under the He219 Remarque!