Jagdgeschwader 301/302 'Wilde Sau' By Willi RESCHKE Signed Book



German Language Original 1st Edition Motorbuch Verlag

This Book covers the story of two of the Luftwaffe's later formed Jagdgeschwadern - 301 and 302. The Author - Knights Cross holder Willi Reschke, flew with both and became an 'Ace' with 27 Victories.

Reschke gives the background to the formation of these two Units with the 'Wild Boar' tactics enthused by Bomber veteran Hajo Herrmann. Although these sorties were flown by night without radar they formed the basis of the formation of JG301 and JG302 was 'Wild Boar' Units.

Reschke flew the Me109G, Fw190A and later the Ta152H (the last variant of the Fw190 to see actual service). Reschke scored three victories with this type - one Tempest V and two Yak 9's over Berlin.

The Book is in chronological order and details every claim made by the Units in Combat. It also contains many rare photos from private collections.

This is the Original 1st German Language Hardback Edition from Motorbuch Verlag published in 1998 and has a Bookplate Signed by:-

Oberfeldwebel WILLI RESCHKE - Knights Cross

A very nice item for Luftwaffe enthusiasts!