James 'Jim' SWETT US Ace MOH USMC VMF-221 - Signed Card



Swett joined VMF-221 in December 1942 in the defence of Guadalcanal in the Southwest Pacific. Flying the tubby F4F Wildcat, Swett and his fellow pilots were up against some of the best Japanese pilots flying the superb A6M2 Zero fighter.

Swett flew his first combat sortie on 7th April 1943 and quite a mission it turned out to be! The Japanese had thrown in a large scale attack on the harbour at Tulagi and Swett's Unit dived in to try and break up the assault. Swett engaged three Aichi Type 99 (or Val) dive bombers and shot all three down, even thougfh his Wildcat fighter had been hit. He quickly spotted another gaggle of 'Vals' attempting to leave the area having completed their bomb runs. Swett engaged each Val in turn, shooting down 4 more before running out of ammo and being hit by return fire. He ditched his F4F in the harbour and was duly rescued.

Swett had become an 'Ace in a day' and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions this day.

Swett later flew the mighty F4U Corsair with VMF-221 over Rendova. His total score was 15.5 Victories.

This is a very nice Signed Card in Black Pen