JV44 By Robert Taylor



As the air war in Europe drew to a close the Allies held total air supremacy. The once proud Luftwaffe had been reduced to near impotency. Even the head of the Luftwaffe Fighter force had been releaved of his command - Adolf Galland had been 'sacked' by Goring after the famous 'revolt' against him.

Galland, however, was determined to fight on and, in the dying months of the war, he created a 'Squadron of Experts' - 'Jagdverband 44' or 'JV44'. Some of the greatest surviving Luftwaffe 'Experts' showed up to serve with Galland. Men such as 'Macky' Steinhoff, Gerd Barkhorn, Walter Krupinski and Franz Stigler all arrived near Munich to fly the Me262 jet against overwhelming odds. 

Robert's first release to feature the legendary Messerschmitt Me 262 jet fighter, 'JV44' was published way back in 1987. It features a 'kette' of three Me262's of JV44 in a towering cloudscape just before the end of the war in Europe.

The Print is Signed by Artist Robert Taylor and FOUR veterans of this amazing Unit:-

Generalleutnant Adolf GALLAND - Knights Cross, Oak Leaves Swords & Diamonds - Head of JV44 - 7 victories with the Me262

Oberst Johannes 'Macky' STEINHOFF' - Knights Cross Oak Leaves and Swords - 6 Victories with the Me262

Hauptmann Walter KRUPINSKI - Knights Cross Oak Leaves - At least 2 victories with the Me262

Leutnant Herbert KAISER - Knights Cross - 5 Victories with the Me262

The Print has been superbly Framed - this is rare opportunity to acquire one of these early Robert Taylor prints.

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