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One of Robert's series of superb maritime subjects featruring the great capitol ships of World War 2 'Knights Move' features the mighty Battleship 'Tirpitz'. Although she spent most of her war in Norwegian waters, the mere threat of Tirpitz putting to sea could cause choas within the Admiralty. Indeed, it was one such false alarm that caused the virtual destruction of the Arctic Convoy PQ17.

Robert has painted a magnificent scene as Tirpitz under the command of Admiral Schniewind, in company with the heavy cruisers Scheer and Hipper, set out during 'Operation Rosselsprung'. The Me109's of JG5 'Eismeer' provide aerial escort whilst the magnificent mountains of Norway provide the awesome background.

The Print is Signed by Artist Robert Taylor and the following veterans:-

Leutnant zur see Willibald VOLSING - Senior Controller in Tirpitz Gunnery and Fire control section

Fahnrich Arnold SCHROEDER - Range Finder on the Bridge

Major Erich RUDORFFER - JG2

Oberleutnant Ernst SCHEUFELE - JG5 - Flew escort for Bismarck and Tirpitz

Oberst Hajo HERMANN - KG30 - Flew Ju88's against the Arctic Convoys)

Unteroffizier Heinz KERN - JG5 - Flew escort for Tirpitz

This is a rare Remarque Copy of this Edition - one of only 25 Issued.

The Print measures 35.5 x 23.5 Inches and comes with the COA.