Kursk - Clash of Steel by Nicolas Trudgian - Special 18 Signature Edition

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KURSK - CLASH OF STEEL - Multi-Signed Edition

Nick's follow up to his superb 'Battle of Kursk', this print is extremely popular with collectors of both aviation and Armour - the Me109G's of JG52 support the  II/SS Panzer Corps assault on the southern portion of the Kursk Salient. Tigers of the 2nd SS Panzer Division 'Das Reich' move forward to engage Soviet armour as Yak fighters attempt to intervene. A Henschel 129 anti-tank aircraft is also adding it's firepower against Soviet armour.

This is a special multi-signed Edition by the following Luftwaffe, Panzer and Soviet VVS veterans:

General Gunther RALL - JG52 - 275 Victories

Oberst Hajo HERMANN - KG30 - Ju88 Bombers

Oberleutnant Walter SCHUCK - JG5 - 206 Victories

Leutnant Hugo BROCH - JG54 - 81 Victories

Oberleutnant Walter WOLFRUM - JG52 - 137 Victories

Leutnant Alfred AMBS - JG7

Feldwebel Ernest GIEFING - JG7

Feldwebel Heinz RADLAUER - JG51

Feldwebel Erich BRUNOTTE - JG51

Unteroffizier Johannes OESTERHELT - JG51

Fahnrich Manfred LEISEBEIN - JG52

Unteroffizier Gunther KOLB - JG5

SS-Sturmann Ernst KUFNER - 1st SS Panzer Division 'LAH' Tigers

SS-Oberscharfuhrer Werner WENDT - 1st SS Panzer Division 'LAH' Tigers

Major General Sergei KRAMARENKO - Soviet VVS - Mig3/Yak9

Captain Vitaliy KLIMENKO - Soviet VVS - Yaks

Lt. General Stepan MIKOYAN - Soviet VVS - Mig3/Yak

Lt. General Vitaliy RYBALKO - Soviet VVS - Mig 3

The Print has a superb 18 signatures!