Nicolas Trudgian Aviation Sketchbook Special Edition




This is a very RARE opportunity to acquire a Multi-signed Edition of Nick's Aviation Sketchbook. This 'Special Edition' has been signed by no less than 31 Veterans of World War Two, including one Luftwaffe Knights Cross holder who flew in the Battle of Britain.

The Signatories are:-

Major Hans-Ekkehard BOB - Knights Cross - Flew with JG54 during the Battle of Britain.

Squadron Leader Nigel ROSE - Flew Spitfires with 602 Squadron during the Battle of Britain

Squadron Leader Peter HEARNE DFC - Flew Spitfires and Mustangs with 19 and 65 Squadrons

Squadron Leader William PEARCE - Flew Spitfires, Hurricanes, P-39's and P-47 Thunderbolts with 261 Squadron in Europe & Burma

Squadron Leader Tony PICKERING - Flew Hurricanes with 501 Squadron during the Battle of Britain

Wing Commander Roger MOREWOOD - Flew the Bristol Blenheim with 248 Squadron during the Battle of Britain

Flight Lieutenant Bob NAWARSKI - Flew Hurricanes with 303 Squadron in 1940 & later Spitfires with 302 aqnd 316 Squadrons

Wing Commander Tom NEIL DFC - Flew Hurricanes with 249 Squadron during the Battle of Britain and later in the defence of Malta

Flight Lieutenant Terry CLARK - Flew in Blenheims with 219 Squadron during Battle of Britain and later served in Mosquitos with 488 Squadron

Squadron Leader Tony FAIRHEAD DFC - Flew Hurricanes & Typhoons with 184 Squadron in Europe

Warrant Officer Terence KELLY - Flew Hurricanes with 258 & 605 Squadrons in Singapore & Java against the Japanese

Squadron Leader Mahinder PUJJI DFC - Flew Hurricanes with 43 Squadron Post Battle of Britain afterwards flying Hurricanes with 258 Squadron in India & Burma

Flying Officer Bill SWAN OBE - Flew Hurricanes with 43, 232 and 33 Squadrons in Europe and later the Western Desert

Warrant Officer Jack HODGES DFC - Flew Spitfires wuth a PRU Squadron before flying Hurricanes with 174 Squadron. Joined 175 Squadron flying Typhoons over Europe.

Squadron Leader Owen PARRY DFC - Flew Hurricanes in Burma with 11 Squadron

Flight Lieutenant Tom ADAMS - Flew Tactical Recce flights over Burma with 28 Squadron flying the Hurricane

Flight Lieutenant Alan DAVIS - Flew Spitfire XIV's at OTU & later Spitfire IX's with 225 & 253 Squadrons in Italy

Flying Officer Ken WILKINSON - Flew Spitfires with 616 & 19 Squadrons during the Battle of Britain later flying with 234 & 165 Squadrons

Flight Lieutenant David INCE DFC - Flew Typhoon ground attack with 193 & 257 Squadrons over Europe

Squadron Leader Brian LORT - Flew Short Sunderland Flying Boats and PBY Catalinas with 210 Squadron

Flight Lieutenant Kurt TAUSSIG - Flew Spitfires with 225 Squadron on Photo recce flights over North Italy

Flying Officer Frank WHEELER DFC - Flew Typhoons with 174 Squadron over Europe

Flight Sergeant Ron FARMBOROUGH - Flew Spitfires with 33 Squadron in the Desert and later over the D-Day beaches

Flight Lieutenant Sir Paul HOLDEN - Flew Spitfire V's, IX's XIV's and Tempest V's while serving with 287 Anti-aircarft co-Operation Squadron. Post-war flew Meteor III's, Spitfire22's & Vampires.

Flight Lietenant Ray JACKSON MC - Flew Hurricanes with 34 Squadron over Burma

Flight Lieutenant Freddie BALL MC - Flew Hurricanes with 42 Squadron over Burma

Squadron Leader Ray VERNON - Flew Dakotas with 31 Squadron in India & Burma

1st Officer Peter GEORGE - Flew various aircraft while serving with the Air Transport Auxilliary

Flight Lieutenant Ron GOULD - Flew Spitfires (V's, IX's and XVI's) with 322 (Dutch) Squadron in Holland & Germany

Squadron Leader Ian BLAIR DFM - Served as Air Gunner on Blenheim's with 113 Squadron in the Western Desert - later flew Spitfires with 501 & 602 Squadrons

Flight Lieutenant Bill GREEN - Flew Hurricanes with 501 Squadron during the Battle of Britain. Later served with 56 Squadron flying the mighty Hawker Tempest.

The Book is also signed by the Artist Nicolas Trudgian.

I have just 2 Copies available of this amazing Special Edition.