One of the 'Experts' - the Me262 of Walter Krupinski - Original Pencil Drawing by Nicolas Trudgian

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Original Pencil Drawing

One of the most famous aviation Units of all time - 'JV44' was born in the last desperate months of the war, the brainchild of Adolf Galland, who had been sacked and sidelined by Goring.

Galland's plan was to bring as many of the Aces to him as possible. As the Allies advanced on Germany and the Luftwaffe crumbled under incessant air attack, the great Aces - or 'Experten' - slowly drifted in. Men like Barkhorn, Steinhoff, Baer and countless others answered the call.

Among these was Walter Krupinski - 'Count Punski' as he was known during his time in JG52. He had flown in Russia before heading to the Western Front flying the Me109G and Fw190D with JG26.

Krupinski moved to Galland's JV44 and flew the revolutionary Me262 jet fighter and the final months of the war and Nick Trudgian has depicted his Me262 climbing out to intercept yet another US bombing raid in April 1945. Krupinski scored 2 kills with the Me262.

The Drawing paper measures 11.5 x 8 Inches and is Signed by Artist Nicolas Trudgian and:-

Hauptmann Walter KRUPINSKI - Knights Cross with Oak Leaves

A very rare piece.