Ottomar HERMES Heer Knights Cross Signed Card

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Hermes won the Knights Cross while serving with Grenadier Regiment 464 of the 253rd Infantry Division. In April 1944 the Soviets had surrounded German positions around the town of Kovel in Poland. Despite repeated efforts the Germans were unable to push through the Russian encirclement. The Soviets held a key hill that defied a number of German assaults.

Hermes gathered a small Company of men and stormed the hill, taking out enemy MG and mortar positions with close quater hand-to-hand fighting. Holding the position until further German reinforcements could arrive, Heavy calibre shells exploded in these positions resulting in Hermes losing an arm. However, the capture of this crucial position allowed the Germans to punch through to the Units still in Kovel.

For his personal bravery Hermes was awarded the Knights Cross on 11th June 1944. At 19 years old he was the youngest recipient of the award at the time.

Hermes survived the war and despite his wounds lived until 2014.

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