PHANTOM STRIKE by Robert Taylor - Framed Collectors Piece

Although known for primarily depicting the great fighting aircraft of the Second World War, Robert Taylor has also painted the occasional more modern combat aircraft - and none are as sought-after as his first scene from the Vietnam War 'Phantom Strike'!

Robert chose to depict the F-4C Phantom II of Robin Olds on a mission that the great Ace himself described as "the most dangerous, hair-raising mission of all that I flew in both wars..."

Olds was ordered to attack the steel mills at Thai Nguyen and elected to attack with only three aircarft, not the usual 4 ship element, deeming the risk to the 4th plane as too vulnerable.

Olds recalled the mission on March 30 1967.. "After letting down through solid cloud, we made the run-in to target right down on the deck. For forty miles we raced over rice paddies studded with rocky hillocks each covered with guns of every calibre shooting for all they were worth. Air bursts flashed and smoke everywhere, shrapnel and short rounds roiled the water in the paddies, and sheets of tracers came at us blurring our vision ahead. We flew right through this barrage much as the Kamikaze pilots had against our carriers in World War II, and for the only time in 900 hours of combat flying, it flashed through my mind that none of the three of us would survive the mission".

Seconds before reaching the target, Robin Olds pulled up to 200 feet to release his 500lb M-82 high-drag bombs, his two wingmen praying the 10 second delay fuses would work allowing the following two Phantoms to release their own bombs and clear before they detonated. Robert shows the moment that all three Phantoms clear the target amid an airspace filled with the bursts from 100, 85 and 57mm guns - behind the F-4's have left a trail of destruction, the steel mills furnaces billowing flames and thick smoke.

Joining Artist Robert Taylor in Signing the Edition of 850 Prints were the great pilot himself and his back-seater on the mission:-

Brigadier General Robin OLDS

Major Daniel L. LAFFERTY

The Print was released back in 1998 and quickly became SOLD OUT at the Publisher and copies are now Secondary Market only.

The Print comes with the Certificate of Authenticity.

This is a special Framed Collectors piece that measures 36 x 35 Inches which has been framed with:- 

Robin Olds Pilot Name Badge

A 'Satan's Angels' Badge from his Unit

A copy of the US Air Force Cross - Olds was awarded this for his combat duties in Vietnam

The famous F-4 Phantom II 'Spook' Badge

A Special one-off Piece!

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