REGENSBURG - No Place To Hide (7 Sig JG26 Edition) by Mark Postlethwaite

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RARE 'JG26 Edition' Signed by 7 Pilots

The strike against the twin targets of Regensburg and Schweinfurt on 17th August 1943 saw some of the most instense air fighting of the war. The B-17 crews were flying deep into Southern Germany and well beyond the range of any escort fighters. Waiting for them will be deadly Flak and the fighter pilots of some of the most famous Units in the Luftwaffe. None had a finer reputation than JG26, which had battled exclusively on the Western Front against the ever-growing might of the RAF and USAAF.

Mark Postlethwaite pays tribute to the pilots of JG26 depicting a pair of Me109G's from 9./JG26 as they make a ferocious head-on attack at B-17's of the famed 100th Bomb Group. The Messerschmitts carry additional 20mm gun packs under the wings to increase their firepower against the heavily armoured 'Forts'

These Prints have been signed by Artist Mark Postlethwaite and an amazing SEVEN pilots who flew with JG26. Many of them, including Krupinski, Schild & Prager flew the Fw190D-9 later in the war:-

Hauptmann Walter KRUPINSKI - Knights Cross Oak Leaves - Gruppenkommandeur III/JG26

Leutnant Heinrich 'Jan' SCHILD - 13 Victories - JG26

Feldwebel Heinrich HEUSER - 5 Victories - JG26

Feldwebel Werner KRAFT - 9./JG26

Obergefreiter Werner MOLGE - JG26

Leutnant Hans PRAGER - 23 Victories - JG26

Unteroffizier Ottomar KRUSE - 8./JG26

The Print measures 32 x 19 Inches and comes with the Certificate of Authenticity.

An opportunity to acquire some rare Luftwaffe signatures.