Return Of The Hunters Original Drawing by Nicolas Trudgian SOLD


RETURN OF THE HUNTERS - Original Pencil Drawing

The Me262 was the world's first operational turbojet fighter and, had it not been for high level interference, may have entered service earlier than it did. By the time the Me262 was available in sufficient numbers in late 1944, the air war was already irrevocably lost. 

Despite this, Units were created to fly the jet in combat against the overwhelming might of Allied airpower. The Luftwaffe pilots knew this was an impossible task but flew nonetheless. The Me262 suffered from teething troubles, engines with only 25 hours of operational life, poor manufacturing due to the war situation and bombing of the production plants by the Allies. 

Allied fighters also tried to catch the jets while taking off - or landing - when they were at their most vulnerable. Despite these massive drawbacks the Me262 proved itself in combat in the dying months of the war and one Unit in particular flew the Me262 in sufficient numbers to worry the Allies - JG7.

In tribute to the Me262 pilots and the aircraft they flew, Nicolas Trudgian has produced a superb drawing based on his Print release 'Return of the Hunters'. Me262's of JG7 race back to their airfield to rearm and refuel after intercepting yet another Allied raid in Southern Germany. A US B-26 Marauder has crash-landed near a Bavarian village while, in the background, the Alps can be seen in the distance.

The Drawing has been Signed by Artist Nicolas Trudgian and EIGHT famous Me262 pilots:-

Hermann BUCHNER - JG7


Ernst-Wilhelm REINERT - JG7

Walter SCHUCK - JG7


Norbert HANNIG - JG7

Werner ROELL - JV44

Gunther RALL - Flew the Me262 in 1945

The Drawing is beautifully Framed with a Luftwaffe Eagle and the JG7 Badge and measures 24 x 23 Inches

A wonderful collectors piece with some rare Me262 signatures

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