Sea King Rescue by Robert Taylor - RARE Edition Signed by HRH Prince Andrew

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SEA KING RESCUE - Special Edition Signed by HRH Prince Andrew & Crew

The Falklands War in 1982 produced it's fair share of Military heroism and horror. On the 25th May 1982 the Merchant Navy vessel 'Atlantic Conveyor' was struck by TWO exocet missiles fired by Argentine Air Force Super Etendard fighters. HRH Prince Andrew recalled that the explosions flung debris and "caused splashes in the water about a quarter of a mile away". Prince Andrew was the first on scene piloting an 820 Squadron Sea King and began to lift off survivors from the devasted ship. He recalled "it was an experience I shall never forget - horrific". Nevertheless, he and his crew helped to airlift many to safety.

Robert Taylor produced a limited Edition print of the scene as 'Sea King Rescue' an Edition of 1500 Prints Signed by Prince Andrew's CO Commander Ralph Wykes-Sneyd.

However, a VERY limited edition of just 100 Prints were released to raise funds for the Falklands veterans and these were signed by special arrangement by HRH Prince Andrew and his Crew.

These Prints are VERY RARE and do not appear on the Secondary Market often at all.

This is one of those Prints - number 42/100 which has been Signed by

HRH Prince Andrew and his Sea King Crew.

It has been framed with the 'Flying Fish' Badge of 820 Squadron and an ORIGINAL Falklands War Ribbon.

The piece also carries the mounted Signature of Major General Sir Jeremy MOORE KCB, OBE, MC and Bar, who took the surrender of the Argentine forces in the Falklands.

The Entire piece measures 31.5 Inches x 29 Inches