Battle of Britain - Signed FDC - Hans-Gert GOLLNISCH - KG30

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Battle of Britain Signed COVER - OBERLEUTNANT HANS-GERT GOLLNISCH - Stab II/KG30 'Adler'

Hans Gollnisch flew the Ju88A with Stab II/KG30 'Adler' throughout the Battle of Britain. Flying with the Stab flight, Gollnisch flew a mission on 9th September 1940 to bomb the London docks but the Ju88's were intercepted and attacked by defending RAF Spitfires. Gollnisch's Ju88A received multiple hits that disabled BOTH of his engines. His attacker was possibly a Spitfire flown by Squadron Leader Leigh of 66 Squadron. Trying to nurse his crippled Ju88 earthwards, he was harried by other Spitfires before he managed to put his machine down in a belly landing at Bannisters Farm, Barcombe near Lewes. Gollnisch was flying Ju88A-2 '4D+KK' wn 5074. While Uffz Ernst Deibler was KIA, Gollnisch and fellow crew uffz Willi Rolf and Willi Hamerla were all made POW.

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