SOUTH PACIFIC ACE By Nicolas Trudgian 348th FG Signed by Colonel Ed Roddy


'SOUTH PACIFIC ACE' by Nicolas Trudgian

A Pencil Print Featuring the P-47's of the 348th FG

The mighty P-47 'Thunderbolt' served in every theatre of war during WW2 and although best remembered for it's exploits against the Luftwaffe over Europe, P-47 Units also fought in the Pacific against the Japanese.

One of the very best were the 348th FG led by the tenacious Colonel Neel Kearby, who instilled in his pilots supreme confidence in the their rugged and powerful P-47's and also an aggressive attitude towards the enemy. The 348th FG were particularly successful in 1943-1944, where they fought the very best Japanese pilots over Wewak and New Britain.

One of the Top Aces of the 348th FG was Edward 'Ed' Roddy, who arrived at the Unit in 1943 just in time for the intense air battles over New Britain. Scoring several victories in late 1943, Roddy flew a mission near Umboi on 26th December 1943 and it is this action that Nick Trudgian portrays in his fantastic Print 'South Pacific Ace'.

In his P-47D 'Babs IV' Ed Roddy makes a screaming head-on attack on a Group of Japanese Mitsubishi Ki21 'Sally' Bombers and using the 'Thunderbolt's' awesome armament of 8 0.5 Inch Browning machine guns shoots down TWO of the attacking Japanese aircraft, taking his total to seven Victories. 

This fabulous Pencil Print was originally released back in 2007 when the Tamsen Munger Gallery in Fresno USA hosted Colonel Roddy at a special event. Also in attendance was Artist Nicolas Trudgian, who had the opportunity to speak with Colonel Roddy and sign the Prints of his original Pencil Drawing.

The original Print Edition has long been SOLD OUT but for the first time the 'Artist Reserve' Edition is now being released to the Market and 'Nick's Aviation Art' is very proud to offer these very special prints to Collectors.

Each Print measures 18 x 12.5 Inches [45 x 32 cms] and are individually Signed and Numbered by Artist Nicolas Trudgian and carry the original signature of the 348th FG 'Ace' Ed Roddy.


Roddy scored his first Victories with the 348th FG on 5 November 1943 by shooting down a Ki61 'Tony' fighter and an A6M3 'Hamp' immediately afterwards. On 16th December 1943, in another large dogfight over Arawe, Roddy destroyed TWO A6M2 Zekes, following this the next day by shooting down a Mitsubishi Ki46 'Dinah' aircraft. On the 26th he added the two Ki21 'Sally' bombers to his tally, before scoring his 8th - and last - victory on 4th February 1944 - a Japanese Nakajima Ki49 'Helen' Bomber. Promoted to Major, he took command of the P-47 equipped 58th FG and led them to wars end. Colonel Ed Roddy passed away in 2009.

The chance for Collectors to acquire a VERY rare subject signed by a P-47 Pacific theatre 'Ace'.