STUKA - Ju87G of Hans Ulrich Rudel - Original Pencil Drawing by Nicolas Trudgian

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'STUKA' -The Ju87G of Hans-Ulrich Rudel - Original Pencil Drawing

One of the Luftwaffe's most distinctive - and feared - aircraft, the Ju87 served throughout WW2. The Ju87 was a dive-bomber of extraordinary accuracy and was used as 'flying artillery' during the early campaigns of the Second World War. During the Battle of France the 'Stuka' allowed the German advance to continue unhindered - whenever the Army ran into opposition, whether Artillery or Tanks, the Ju87's would be on scene within 20 minutes. 

The 'Stuka' also served during the Battle of Britain and later in the Mediterranean, where again it proved to be a deadly ship-killer. As the war progressed, however, it's slow speed and lack of maneouverability made it extremely vulnerable to Allied fighters.

It was in Russia, however, that the Ju87 made it's greatest contribution - and produced the most highly-decorated German soldier of the entire war. Hans-Ulrich Rudel was eventually the ONLY recipient of the 'Golden Oak Leaves' and, given the statistics of the incredible effort made by Rudel, the award is justified - over 2500 sorties flown, a Battleship sunk and numerous other ships hit. In addition, Rudel destroyed over 500 Soviet tanks whilst flying his Ju87G 'Panzerknacker' (Tank-Cracker). The Ju87G carried two huge 37mm guns under the wings to hunt russian tanks.

Nicolas Trudgian has produced another superb Drawing featuring the Ju87G of Rudel and this has been signed by 12 Stuka Knights Cross holders who, between them, flew an astounding 9500+ sorties!

The Signatures are:-

Heinrich MEYERING - Knights Cross - StG2 'Immelmann' (972 sorties)

Karl SPREITZER - Knights Cross - StG1 (652 sorties)

Hans KROHN - Knights Cross - StG2 'Immelmann' (965 sorties)

Franz KIESLICH - Knights Cross with Oak Leaves - StG77 (1078 sorties)

Konrad FECHNER - Knights Cross - StG77 (726 sorties)

Erhard JAHNERT - Knights Cross - StG2 'Immelmann' (622 sorties)

Werner ROELL - Knights Cross - StG77 (477 sorties)

Helmut FICKEL - Knights Cross - StG2 'Immelmann' (800 sorties) Flew with Rudel on many occasions

Walter STIMPEL - Knights Cross - StG77 (400 sorties)

Wilhelm NOLLER - Knights Cross - StG2 'Immelmann' (1058 sorties)

Kurt PLENZAT - Knights Cross with Oak Leaves - StG2 'Immelmann' (1234 sorties!)

Kurt HUHN - Knights Cross - StG77 (550 sorties)

The Drawing is Unframed and is A3 in size. A very rare opportunity to own a Stuka drawing signed by Ju87 veterans.