No 6 Knights Cross Collection

Geschwaderkommodore Major Adolf Galland leads the Stab flight and elements of I/JG26 from Audembert airfield on an evening mission to the Thames Estuary in September 1940. Below the 2nd Staffel begin to taxi their Me109E's to the take-off positions and will soon join the rest of JG26.

Building like thunderclouds over the English Channel their approach will be plotted by RAF Fighter Command's radar and so another confrontation is guaranteed, as the Battle of Britain moves towards its climax.

Maintaining the reputation of JG26 as one of the premiere fighter Units in the Luftwaffe, their commander, the legendary Adolf Galland, recruited only the most experienced leaders to assist him, including Joachim Muncheberg who flew as his wingman, Gerhard Schopfel and, here in his Me109E with blue painted spinner, Rolf Pingel who had flown with the Legion Condor in Spain. JG26 was one of the best performing German Units in the Battle of Britain and Galland was one of the highest scorers.

The Main 'Battle of Britain Edition is limited to just 85 worldwide and is signed by 8 Luftwaffe Knights Cross Me109E Battle of Britain pilots:-

Gunther RALL - JG52

Hugo DAHMER - JG26

Hermann NEUHOFF - JG53

Bruno STOLLE - JG2

Gunther SEEGER - JG2

Hans-Ekkehard BOB - JG54



There was an extremely small REMARQUE EDition of only 10 Worldwide

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