Target London - Original Pencil Drawing by Nicolas Trudgian - Signed 26 - SOLD

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TARGET LONDON - Original Pencil Drawing by Nicolas Trudgian

The story of the Battle of Britain - and it's aftermath 'The Blitz' - is very well known and has been depcited by numerous artists over the years. These tend to concentrate on the efforts of the Fighters involved in the Battle, while the efforts of the Bomber crews are hardly mentioned.

This is especially so when it comes to the German Bomber crews, who have been virtually ignored both by the enthusiasts and the wider historical community. While there have been countless Print releases featuring Bomber Command and the 'heavies' of the 8th Air Force, the 'Kampfflieger' of the Luftwaffe, have appeared only as victims of Royal Air Force fighters. This is a great injustice as the Luftwaffe crews were NOT flying well defended four-engined heavy bombers, rather much smaller medium bombers with hand-held machine guns for defence. Later in the war, they were pressed into service as supply aircraft and played major roles in the many airlifts carried out in Russia, most notably at Stalingrad and Cholm.

Nicolas Trudgian has produced a wonderful - and unique - pencil drawing to pay tribute to the Luftwaffe Bomber crews of the Battle of Britain and 'Blitz' campaigns. A Heinkel 111, the mainstay of the Luftwaffe's Bomber arm for most of the war, commences dropping it's bombs - he has superbly captured the 'odd' fall of the bombs - they were released 'tail' first!! Behind, searchlights and Flak bursts probe for the incoming raiders as the British defences fight back.

This amazing drawing comes on paper that measures 17 x 12 Inches and is Signed by no less that 26 Knights Cross winners from the German Bomber Arm that served in virtually every theatre of war (and survived!)

The Signatures are:-

Gunther LOFFELBEIN - Knights Cross - KG51 (Ju88)

Heinrich SUDEL - Knights Cross - KG55 (He111)

Kurt DAHLMANN - Knights Cross - KG51 (Ju88)

Herbert ISAACHSEN - Knights Cross - LG1 (Ju88)

Heinz UNRAU - Knights Cross - KG51 (Ju88 & Me262B)

Franz GAPP - Knights Cross - KG6 (Ju88 & Me262B)

Willi DIPBERGER - Knights Cross - LG1 & KG6 - Ju88

Klaus HABERLEIN - Knights Cross - KG51 - (Ju88)

Hans KIRN - Knights Cross - KG6 (Ju88)

Hajo HERRMANN - Knights Cross, Oak Leaves & Swords - KG4 & KG30 (He111 & Ju88)

Josef SCHLOSS - Knights Cross - KG51 (Ju88 & Me262B)

Gunther GLASNER - Knights Cross - LG1 & KG6 (Ju88)

Udo CORDES - Knights Cross - KG3 (Dornier 17Z)

Hermann HOGEBACH - Knights Cross, Oak Leaves & Swords - LG1 & KG6 (Ju88)

Dieter LUKESCH - Knights Cross, Oak Leaves - KG76 (Dornier 17Z)

Herbert WITTMANN - Knights Cross - KG53 (He111)

Georg ACKERMANN - Knights Cross - KG53 (He111)

Arnold DORING - Knights Cross - KG53 & KG55 (He111)

Otto ENGEL - Knights Cross - KG53 (He111)

Hans-Georg BATCHER - Knights Cross with Oak Leaves - KG4 & KG100 (He111)

Heinz CRAMER - Knights Cross - LG1 (Ju88)

Erich TAEGER - Knights Cross - KG1 'Hindenberg' (He111)

Johann BOOS - Knights Cross - KG55 (He111)

Walter GRASEMANN - Knights Cross - KG27 'Boelke' (He111)

Heinrich SCHMETZ - Knights Cross - KG100 (Dornier 217)

Josef LUXENBURGER - Knights Cross - KG55 (He111)

A superb drawing of a very rare Battle of Britain subject!