THE BATTLE OF KURSK By Nicolas Trudgian

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THE BATTLE OF KURSK By Nicolas Trudgian

One of Nick Trudgian's most sought-after releases, 'The Battle of Kursk' was released back in 1998 and was his first to depict one of the most pivotal battles of WW2. 'Operation Citadel' was Hitler's attempt to seize back the initiative on the Eastern Front after a series of setbacks. With the Western Allies now poised to invade Italy, he decided to 'pinch out' the bulge around the town of Kursk.

However, it was a staggering undertaking - the Soviets were fully aware of the German plan and had time to prepare massive defensive 'belts' - millions of mines, anti-tank guns, artillery and reserves of tanks. Delays to the start of the Offensive also assisted the defenders. The German attackers, on the other hand, were forced to 'scrape' together whatever armoured strength they could and would have to fight the battle with inferior numbers of men, tanks & artillery.

The offensive opened on 5th July 1943 and, in the North of the salient, hardly any progress was made against stiff Soviet opposition and the prepared defences. On the southern part of the front however the Soviets were facing the II SS Panzer Korps, which comprised elements of 1st, 2nd & 3rd SS Panzer Divisions - each of which were equipped with a section of the formidable Tiger tanks. There were not that many Tigers but their contribution to the offensive was remarkable. The attack in the south punched through the Soviet defences and began to advance towards Kursk. 

Above the thousands of Tanks and armoured vehicles fighting below the Luftwaffe and VVS fought their own desperate and furious battle in the skies. The Me109G's and Fw190A's twisted and turned in dogfights against Yak and Lavotchkin fighters while IL-2 'Sturmovicks and Luftwaffe Hs129's attacked tanks from the air. 

As part of this effort, the Ju87G's of Hans-Ulrich Rudel's StG2 were also out hunting enemy tanks - armed with two massive 37mm guns, they proved their worth over the burning fields of Kursk.

Nicolas Trudgian depicts Rudel's Ju87G 'Panzerknacker' Stukas as they provide cover for the advancing Tigers of the 1st SS Panzer Division 'LSSAH', who have engaged Soviet T-34 tanks in a huge armoured melee. The nearest Tiger '1311' is commanded by Ostuf Waldemar Schultz, who was wounded TWICE during the Battle!

The Print is Signed by Artist Nicolas Trudgian and THREE veterans of the Battle of Kursk:-

MAJOR FRITZ-RUDOLF SCHULTZ - Knights Cross with Oak Leaves - Panzer Reg. 35



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