THE BATTLE OF TRAFALGAR - Special Framed Piece

One of the most famous Naval engagements in History, Admiral Horatio Nelson decided to take on the combined fleets of France and Spain off Cape Trafalgar on 21st October 1805. The outcome would have far-reaching consequences for both Britain - and Napoleon Bonaparte.

For the battle Nelson had 27 'ships of the line' and the French/Spanish had 33. Nelson had a very radical plan which he hoped would allow the British ships to close with the enemy quickly, involve the enemy ships in a close-quarter melee which would allow him to concentrate his forces on the rear of the Franco-spanish fleet.

At 11am Nelson's fleet was completely visible to the enemy approaching in two parallel columns and, at 11.45am Nelson hoisted his now famous battle signal "England expects that every man will do his duty". The ships were all moving slowly and the flagship, HMS Victory, was under fire from at least four enemy ships for 40 minutes. At 12.45pm HMS Victory finally 'cut the line' between the enemy Flagship Bucentaure and Redoubtable and, closing to short range, raked the Flagship with a broadside..

One of Robert Taylor's most detailed Maritime paintings, it shows HMS Victory having just crippled the Bucentaure now firing another broadside into the the Santisima Trinidad. Just astern the Temeraire maneouvres to trap the Redoubtable between herself and HMS Victory, and thus seal her fate.

Nelson's plan worked completely and no British ships were lost that day. Admiral Nelson, however, paid the ultimate price, hit by a sniper while on the deck.

The Print is Signed and numbered by Artist Robert Taylor and has been Framed with an ORIGINAL piece of Oak from HMS Victory.

The Framed piece measures an impressive 38 x 30.5 Inches and has been Framed with using an Old Oak effect Frame complimenting the Victory wood.

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