No 1 'Knights Cross Collection'

To the German Forces, the vastness of the Eastern Front with its extremes of weather and terrain proved as great an obstacle as the Red Army itself. Nevertheless it was in this theatre that some of the Luftwaffe's best pilots became the highest scoring Aces in air combat history.

The 'Big Guns' commemorates three of the greatest aces in a scene on the Eastern Front in 1944. It features in the foreground the two highest scoring aces of all; Erich Hartmann, who would eventually achieve 352 victories, and Gerhard Barkhorn, 301 victories, accompanied by Hans Ulrich Rudel, the most highly decorated man in the German military, in his Ju87G Stuka.

At this time, flying their Me 109G's with JG52, Hartmann and Barkhorn frequently found themselves escorting Stukas of the legendary Rudel, who flew over 2500 sorties, destroyed over 500 tanks, sank a cruiser and a destroyer and received a unique medal - the 'Golden Oakleaves, Swords and Diamonds' in recognition.


Eleven Signature Edition

Limited to 400 Signed and Numbered Prints Worldwide - each is Signed by the Artist and the following Eleven Luftwaffe Pilots:

Gunther RALL - JG52 - Knights Cross with Oakleaves & Swords

Walter KRUPINSKI - JG52 - Knights Cross with Oakleaves

Alfred GRISLAWSKI - JG52 - Knights Cross with Oakleaves

Adolf DICKFELD - JG52 - Knights Cross with Oakleaves

Viktor PETERMANN - JG52 - Knights Cross

Franz WOIDICH - JG52 - Knights Cross

Rudolf TRENKEL - JG52 - Knights Cross

Walter WOLFRUM - JG52 - Knights Cross

Edmund ROSSMANN - JG52 - Knights Cross

Heinz EWALD - JG52 - Knights Cross

Hans KROHN - SG2 - Knights Cross

REMARQUES - 11 Signature Edition - 25 Worldwide - Due to restricted space on the Print itself the Remarque for the 'Big Guns' is drawn on a separate piece of Paper which has been signed by the great Luftwaffe Ace Gunther RALL. Each drawing is larger that a normal Remarque.

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