One of Robert's most sought-after releases and one that combines his two passions in painting - aircraft and the sea - 'The Channel Dash' was published as the first part of the 'Galland Tribute Trilogy'.

Adolf Galland was one of the most importnat personalities of the wartime Luftwaffe - attaining command of the whole Luftwaffe fighter arm at the young age of 29!

Almost immediately, Galland was personally ordered by Hitler to plan and execute the air cover of the most important Marine Operation of that part of the war 'Operation Cerberus'. No less than THREE of the Kriegsmarine's greatest ships - Scharnhorst, Gneisenau and Prinz Eugen had been ordered to leave Brest Harbour and make a dangerous 'dash' through the English Channel in the hope of reaching German waters.

Knowing that air superiority was vital to the success of the mission, Galland planned an elaborate series of flights, with pilots maintaining radio silence and, as the convoy ploughed up the channel in broad daylight, fresh flights of fighters would take station. In twilight the Me110's had protected the vessels but as the day wore on flights of Me109F's and the newer Fw190's took their place. Despite the best efforts of the RAF, who reacted late to the threat, the ships successfully navigated the Channel and reached home Port.

Robert Taylor's amazing scene shows the mighty Scharnhorst leading the large flotilla of vessels while the Me109's of the famed JG2 'Richthofen' fly low over the ships. They would later be joined by that other long-serving 'Canal-Geschwader' - JG26 with their Fw190's.

The Prints are Signed by Artist Robert Taylor and FIVE Veterans who took part in that famous Dash including Galland himself:-

GENERAL ADOLF GALLAND - Head of Air Operations 'Operation Cerberus'

MAJOR GERHARD SCHOPFEL - JG26 - Flew the Fw190 during 'Operation Cerberus'

KORVETTENKAPITAN FRIEDRICH-KARL PAUL - Torpedo Boat 'Jaguar' 'Operation Cerberus'

OBERLEUTNANT ADOLF GLUNZ - JG26 - Scored a victory in his Fw190 during 'Operation Cerberus'

OBERLEUTNANT-ZUR-SEE GERD-DIETRICH SCHNEIDER - Mine-Searcher 'R25' part of the 'Operation Cerberus' Task Force

The Print Measures 33 x 25.5 Inches and comes with the Brochure and the Certificate Of Authenticity

This Copy has one minor handling crease on the very edge of the white border (see Photo) but otherwise is in EXCELLENT condition.

An opportunity to acquire a VERY rare Taylor piece!