The Dambusters - Original Pencil Drawing - 9 Signatures by Robert Taylor SOLD

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THE DAMBUSTERS - Original Pencil Drawing

This is an extremely rare opportunity to own a superb original pencil work by Robert Taylor. He has crafted a wonderful image of a Lancaster of 617 Squadron flying low over a typically Dutch landscape, complete with windmill and canals. It is the night of the 16th/17th May 1943 and the famous 'Dambuster' raid is on.

One of the most daring - and famous - of all attacks during WW2, Guy Gibson's men will achieve fame and glory this night attacking the great Dams of Westphalia.

The Drawing measures 12 x 9 Inches and has been beautifully Framed with Museum quality RAF wings and the Signatures of no less that NINE veterans of the Raid - including the great inventor Barnes Wallis.

The Signatures are:-

Air Marshal Sir Harold 'Mick' MARTIN - Pilot of Lancaster AJ-P (Deputy Leader)

Squadron Leader David SHANNON - Pilot of Lancaster AJ-L

Squadron Leader Les MUNRO - Pilot of Lancaster AJ-W

Squadron Leader George L. JOHNSON - Bomb-Aimer of Lancaster AJ-T

Flight Sergeant Grant S. McDONALD - Rear-Gunner of Lancaster AJ-F

Flight Lt. George CHALMERS - Wireless Operator of Lancaster AJ-O

Sergeant Frederick E. SUTHERLAND - Front Gunner on Lancaster AJ-N

Sergeant Ray GRAYSTON - Flight Engineer on Lancaster AJ-N

Sir Barnes Neville WALLIS - Inventor of the 'Upkeep' or 'bouncing Bombs' for the raid.

The Signature of Barnes Wallis has been laser copied as it is in ink.. the original is affixed to the rear of the frame and is on a Signed cover with two other 617 personalities - Geoff Rice and Leonard Cheshire VC.

Also Framed within the piece is an ORIGINAL PART OF THE FUSELAGE SECTION OF HOPGOOD'S LANCASTER 'AJ-M' that was lost on the night of the raid.

All in all, a tremendous piece of aviation History and a superb item for the serious Robert Taylor collector.